How to Use Course 2: Preview!

It's time to begin marketing yourself!

An effective sales and marketing plan for your business is not only critical when you're just getting started, but it needs to become a part of your weekly routine. That stresses out a lot of experienced marketers and communicators! You might be an outstanding marketer ... but your own salesperson?

We're here to tell you that you can do it! It's easier than you think.

Our objective in Course 2 is simple: We want to show you the simple system you'll need to deliver the kind of results you need for any amount of revenue you want to achieve.

Here are some critical lessons you'll learn in this course:

  1. Learn how to set goals for your time first - time is the only irreplaceable resource.
  2. Learn the immutable math that will tell you how many leads you need in your pipeline to achieve any level of success.
  3. Learn how to generate awareness and make your offering irresistible.
  4. Learn how the UFM framework will help you package your offerings and make them easier for you to sell ... and easier for clients to buy!
  5. Learn the simplest (and most effective) CRM system ever invented!

And much more!

As always, as you go through the course, we invite you to comment and ask questions. We're happy to jump in and answer - you'll not only be helping yourself, but your comments will help others improve their own journeys. We're all in this together!

Let's go!