What is UFM? (and what isn't it...)

Key Takeaways:

UFM is the easiest way for organizations to simplify and unify their marketing, sales, and client service efforts to generate improved performance in less time. UFM is also a complete training program for fractional marketers, sales professionals, and communicators - certified UFM professionals deploy the UFM "operating system" on a part-time basis inside their client organizations.

UFM stands for "Unified Funnel Metrics" - each word is important:

  • Unified: This isn't "sales" or "marketing" or "account management" - organizations need to instead follow their customer's journey, answering their questions and satisfying their needs throughout the process.
  • Funnel: UFM is a business process consisting of two distinct "funnels" - left and right - new customer acquisition and existing customer growth.
  • Metrics: Progress must be measurable. There is an important place for strategy, but strategy (and tactics) must be held accountable to business objectives at each stage of the customer journey.

What UFM is not:

  • A new software program
  • A guarantee of "new sales"
  • A sales rep scheme
  • A set of prescribed tactics or strategies

Our core values are ACCOUNTABILITY in the customer journey to results, FLEXIBILITY in how we achieve those results, and STICKY-NOTE SIMPLICITY to help ensure sustainable performance.