How to Use Course 3: Preview!

It's time to master client management!

Now that you have your own clients, you'll need to set (and manage) expectations. As you know, marketing, communication, and sales isn't magic - it's a lot of hard work! But as you know, many people have distorted views of what can be done, in what kind of timeframe, and for what budget.

Effective client management will make the difference in your profitability - and your enjoyment - of your new business!

Our objective in Course 3 is simple: We want to show you the techniques we've honed to use UFM to deliver exceptional client service that delights your clients.

Here are some critical lessons you'll learn in this course:

  1. Learn how to establish clear expectations and boundaries, especially in a "fractional" staff capacity.
  2. Learn how the UFM framework will help you stay on track, have productive meetings, hold everyone accountable, and deliver results.
  3. Learn how to handle resistance from your clients and craft answers to their toughest questions!
  4. Learn how to manage challenging clients, poor performers, and troublesome vendors.
  5. Learn when to FIRE a client!

And much more!

As always, as you go through the course, we invite you to comment and ask questions. We're happy to jump in and answer - you'll not only be helping yourself, but your comments will help others improve their own journeys. We're all in this together!

Let's go!