How UFM helps you as a fractional marketer or communicator

Key Takeaways:

We designed UFM from our own professional experience working as Fractional Chief Marketing Officers for our clients. Put simply, that means we are the "Chief Revenue Officer" for clients on a part-time basis, serving multiple clients at once. This allows us to share best practices and insights (although never confidential information) across multiple client organizations.

Because we've captured all of our knowledge inside the UFM training program, you save time, effort, and money putting yourself in business. It took us over two years to establish our fractional CMO businesses - with UFM, you can do it in in weeks, not months.

Here are some of the specific things you'll learn throughout the comprehensive UFM training course:

  1. Section 1 focuses on the mindset you must adopt to be "ready" for the fractional world. For many of you, the transition from "full time" employment to "fractional" employment will be more challenging than you realize. We step you through the process.
  2. Section 2 teaches you how to market and sell yourself as a fractional employee. You'll learn where to invest your time - and what is a waste of time.
  3. Section 3 shows you the secrets to effective client management. Serving clients is different than serving a supervisor. When you do this efficiently, you'll be able to work far fewer hours in a week than you ever thought possible.
  4. Section 4 demystifies the process of running your day-to-day business, showing you how to get help when you need it, and how to minimize distractions and time-wasters.
  5. Section 5 details the mechanics of the UFM methodology and approach. As a fractional employee, you will need to manage the entire funnel, not simply one aspect of it. So instead of teaching you "how to run a PPC campaign" (which you already know, or could easily learn elsewhere), we focus on how to manage the customer journey revenue funnel at each stage. We provide step-by-step instructions and case examples to help you master the skills you need to provide outstanding service for your clients.